Organisational Theory Essay

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In this essay I shall evaluate on how the three perspectives modern, symbolic-interpretive and post modern contributes to the different ways in which organisations’ are thought about. Organisational theory plays a major role in understanding the organisation operations and how they would be changed to improve its performance. By studying organisational theory all the stakeholders of the organisation get to understand on the operation of the organisation and have a clear understanding on why the organisation is the ways it is currently. Therefore, such understanding enables its managers to make informed decisions which would improve …..

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The modernist approach of organisational culture states that organisational culture is real and it is in existence in organisations in all levels of management. It actually affects on the organisational performance and its relation with other organisations which it interacts with for business purposes as well as its customers. Its effects could be used to constrain the organisation or make it more effective in its operations. Organisational culture actually affects on the organisation performances because it is sets on its operational behaviors in the local or international market….

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In conclusion according to Ketchen and Tomas (2007) if there is good understanding of cultural behavior which is either symbols or objects and either non-verbal or verbal one would be able to understand on how they would associate with the organisation during its operations either internally or externally. It will as well enable the organisations to be able to engage more effectively when dealing with diverse cultures within the organisation and externally. Finally it shall enable the organisation to be in control of its operations by controlling and training the organisational actors to act in accordance with traits which will benefit the organisation in its operations.

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