organisation’s performance against Purcell’s model custom essay

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1. recognition by all employees of complexity and on-going nature of organisational change
2. a CEO who supports a vision for the future, protects the champions for change
3. skilled leaders with excellent grasp of people-oriented skills
4. team-based structures that enable people to be involved in decision making
5. right action = reward the right people, etc.
6. to create the feeling in the organisation that people can fail to succeed
7. to create the necessary infrastructure to connect people with metrics
8. to become a learning organisation
9. to enable people with development opportunities to higher levels of function
10. to make it fun to work in the organisation.

Quickly assess your organisation’s performance against Purcell’s model, and make notes on how you, as an HR professional, can help to build organisational capability.

Review the CIPD report on Smart Working, the impact of organisation and job design. Summarise your findings and outline the implications for the work of HR.

• How can HR help to maximise strong employee relations and engagement levels?
• What role does enhancing employee relations and engagement play in contributing to enhanced organisational performance?

How can HRD help to develop talent within organisations and create strategies to help retain it?

It describes the role of generalist and specialist HR. If you look at the right hand side of the wheel it gives you an indication of the areas that link into ‘leading and managing the HR function’, e.g. organisational development, learning and talent development. How are these areas currently managed within your organisation?

“HR practices in multinational organisations” Article Summary

Next generation HR: Analyse, as an HR professional, whether your HR leaders are insight driven – justify your responses where possible.

Review / Summary of Transforming HR through a multi-tiered approach to the delivery of HR services.

Using the Kübler Ross transition curve, think about a change that occurred in your organisation and:
• outline the change
• use the five stages to analyse what emotions you went through

As an HR professional, how can you use this model to create development interventions that help manage the change process in your own organisation?

Highlight a change your organisation has been through – how does this compare with the Do’s and Don’ts outlined in this article? As discussed in the article Change Management: The HR Strategic Imperative as a Business Partner

Review / Summary of the article: Review the SHRM’s Code of Ethical and Professional Standards in Human Resource Management.

What can you learn about the people – performance link from this article? As discussed in the article. The importance of HR practices and workplace trust in achieving superior performance

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