Organization Exploration Custom Essay

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Write about ARC gallery in Chicago 2 out of 4 reference have to be our class reading sources. I will give some readings. use whatever you like 🙂

ORGANIZATION EXPLORATION (15%) ? Start thinking now about possible organizations. We will have a sign up on 1/12/12 in class. Have a first and second choice ready. Ideally there will not be any overlaps (or as few as possible). Be here early Thursday to sign up.
In this paper you will need to:
1) describe an arts organization that you are familiar with
2) analyze the current mission statement for the organization and improve it (if possible)
3) assess their vision statement and values, write them if they do not already exist
4) do a thorough SWOT analysis and an analysis of competitors
5) include a constituency diagram with the levels of involvement and discuss the difficulties and ! rewards of working with your many constituencies as you run the organization
6) create performance measurements for the organization (of a new or current program) using
! the SMART principles
7) complete the beginnings of a strategic plan (where the organization is now, where it is going, ! its goals, etc.
This paper is due on February 10th, and must be at least six full pages, double-spaced in Times New Roman 12pt, and cite at least four sources (at least two of which must be from class readings).

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