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Instructions:- I need to do two assignments on this topic. One is Literature Review and another one synthesis. These two things using the same article which I will upload. But for the Literature Review, you need to find another 10 more articles which suit the same topic from which I have chosen (the 5 article which I submit to you). That should be around 5 years back. I wants to do Gender in Organizations from a critical perspective. You may read what my prof needs from me in the explanation I have given below. So in total, you will be using 15 articles for this Literature Review. That will be in 13 pages. For the synthesis paper, you only need to use that 5 articles which I submit and write that in 2 pages. Both assignments using 6th edition of APA style with references. 1.This Literature Review You could provide a detailed, critical discussion of how the assigned readings in each of the systems, cultural and critical perspectives have helped us understand modern organizations. Draw on the assigned readings from the class to support your assertions in your discussion. Since this is a critical discussion, you are not merely summarizing the ideas of the researchers and theorists, but you should point to areas where they have provided meaningful insights, but also point out aspects of organizations and organizational processes that have been insufficiently explained or addressed by the researchers. The readings assigned during the first two weeks of the class provide good overviews of research in the field. In addition to the readings from the class, feel free to use others that we have not read to support any critiques you may have. Please avoid broad generalizations about theoretical areas of the field and draw on specific readings from the class to support your discussion. You may take involves choosing a sub-topic within the work that we have read and doing a review of the literature on these topics. You would have to support your analysis with extensive readings beyond what we have done in class. So, for example, you could examine gender in organizations from a critical perspective, or leadership from a cultural perspective. 2. For the week that you are facilitating class discussions, you are required to hand in a 1-2 page synthesis of the readings for that week. The synthesis requires a pulling together of the key ideas and themes in the readings for that week. The paper should not simply replicate the content of the paper you use for class discussion, but should reflect your own reactions, observations, critiques, questions concerning the readings. Papers will be evaluated based on their demonstration of detailed understanding of the readings and the ability to put each of the readings in context with the other readings for that week. Please do not discuss ideas in broad generalities, but draw examples/excerpts specifically from the readings to support your discussion.

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