Our Guarantees

Many people are understandably suspicious of online writing services. Primeessaywritings.com nevertheless has been providing honest, quality writing services since 1997. The reason why Primeessaywritings.com has many customers is that we stand by the guarantees we make.

Guarantee of complete originality

Primeessaywritings.com finds the best writer for your assignment immediately after receiving your order. The selection is made from a pool of in house writers based on the particular needs of your paper.  Each writer knows and abides by the policies and standards of our company. This ensures that the work produced is 100% original. We also have an editing staff that analyzes each work for quality and scans for plagiarism. Customers are therefore sure to get a completely original work. Guaranteed!

Guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction

We have systems in place that ensures that customers are completely satisfied. If a customer is not satisfied with what has been delivered, he or she can request for a revision. The writer will revise the work for you free of charge. The revision request is required to be sent to us within 2 days. There fore we ask all our customers to review the order as soon as they receive it. If for instance a writer did not follow the research specification, though it rarely occurs, we fix the problem immediately at no extra cost. At times, we rewrite the entire assignment again.

Guarantee to meet your deadline

All students require that that their assignments be submitted in time. This is because instructors or professors lower grade for late submissions. At Primeessaywritings.com, we are aware of this and we guarantee to deliver your orders in time. We deliver on time regardless of the urgency that a customer has placed. Most of our assignments are delivered in less than 4 days. However, a customer can give a deadline of even 1 day and we still deliver the assignment in time. If a customer gives more time, the pricing will be lower. In rare cases where a deadline is not met, our quality assurance team will address the matter and provide an adequate solution.

Guarantee of confidentiality and secure payment process

In order for our company to ensure confidentiality and security in the payment process, we do not acquire your credit card information when you are making a payment. This is achieved by transmitting the payment directly to Alert Pay and PayPal processing systems. Primeessaywritings.com only receives verification after the payment has processed. Primeessaywritings.com has a sophisticated firewall system that ensures safety during the payments made to the company. We never reveal personal details of our customers. We treat them with full privacy so that no third party can tell that anyone is using our services. This has enabled students to use our services for an academic career without being found out. Therefore, not a single writing service can compare with Primeessaywritings.com. Primeessaywritings.com is the only company that have provided advantages such as reasonable cost, privacy and originality of work since 1997.


Unlike most other websites we deliver what we promise;

  • Our Support Staff are online 24/7
  • Our Writers are available 24/7
  • Most Urgent order is delivered with 6 Hrs
  • 100% Original Assignment Plagiarism report can be sent to you upon request.

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