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Other services
Primeessaywritings.com offers many other services besides strictly writing. We offer services such as editing, proofreading and research in the professional and academic fields. Our team of professional writers can develop professional or academic level assignment.  The levels that we work for include ‘’Secondary School, High School, College or University (freshman, sophomore, Junior, Senior), Graduate or Master and PhD’s’’. A customer can therefore order academic projects such as “essays, research and term paper, dissertation, theses, movie /book review, article critique, book report, admission letter/essay and resumes. What is more, Calculations, Accounting, and Projects for the Business School, Intermediate Accounting, and PowerPoint Presentations” the other kinds of professional writing we offer are publications, developing of website content, professional reviews and grant proposals.

Papers are 100% custom made

Primeessaywritings.com ensures that all assignments have 100% original content. This is our responsibility and this is why we have a zero tolerance policy regarding plagiarism of any kind. Our writers are exceptional and have a proven record of non-plagiarism activities. Primeessaywritings.com tests every paper before we send it to the customer. We use the most modern anti plagiarism software to analyze all papers. If we detect any small proof that the paper is plagiarized, we do not send it to the customer. Thus, our customers can be assured of plagiarism free papers.  We also assure them of a 100% original paper.

The topics available

The other advantage of using Primeessaywritings.com is that we work on any topic from any academic area. New professionals from different fields join our team of writers each month making us able to work on all topics. Our pool of writers’ posses’ knowledge from all fields of education thus, your paper will be assigned to a writer with specific knowledge in the given area.

Copy pasting

We know that there are companies that give writers a copy and  pasted paper but at Primeessaywritings.com, we guarantee our clients an original paper. We provide a custom researched paper. The paper is developed based on the specific needs and expectations. The papers we provide are tailor made for the customer; they do not have elements of plagiarism, copying or duplication.

The requirements from the client

Our highly educated writing professional knows the type of literature work that is assigned to students in colleges and universities. They have years of experience in writing and have developed excellent working skills. Therefore, even if your work is unique and uncommon, our able writers are in the position to help you. If you have a unique assignment with urgent demands, give us the order and we will deliver in time. Our writers have experience that enables them to cope with even lengthy books within a short period.  We have developed what we call “speed reading experts”. This ability guarantees that your order will meet your specific instructions.

Title page, bibliography and works cited pages

We provide our clients with a title page, bibliography and works cited pages as long as they have indicated that they require the same in their order. These extras are provided free of charge. The citation styles we provide include APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, or any type required.


Primeessaywritings.com is a research firm that works on legitimate basis. The aim of Primeessaywritings.com is to assist students so that they can excel in their studies. The procedures are simple.  By ordering a custom research, you purchase a copyright material.  The procedure is similar to purchasing a book. Primeessaywritings.com does not support cheating or plagiarism.

Our services are confidential

The transactions that will take place between Primeessaywritings.com and the customer remain confidential. To reinforce this policy, we delete the details of a transaction from our system once it is through. The papers are never resold to a third party. We ensure that you are safe and secure.

Apart from the services we offer you can add value to the assignment which we shall send to you by reading the following resources as well.

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  • 100% Original Assignment Plagiarism report can be sent to you upon request.

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