Analysis of the Readability of Educational Materials on Websites of Health Promotion Organizations Custom Essay

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Analysis of the Readability of Educational Materials on Websites of Health Promotion Organizations (15 points):

To do this exercise you must have accessed and read:

Falconer, N., Reicherter, E.A., Billek-Sawhney, B., Chesbro, S. An Analysis of the Readability of Educational Materials on the Consumer

Webpage of a Health Professional Organization: Considerations for Practice. The Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice.

July 2011 Vol9(3).

This publication is available at:
Falconer – pdf (231 Kb)

The Internet offers a wide array of health care information. It is important to learn to evaluate information on the net. For this exercise

you will examine the readability level of the information provided to online consumers on websites of health promotion organizations using

the following assessment tools: Fry Readability Formula, Simple Measure of Gobbledygook (SMOG), and the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Index.

Summarize the following for each health educational material (i.e. brochure, article, newsletter) evaluated:

Title of the site (.5 pnt)

URL or web address for the site: Enter the full web address.

Description of the Site: Provide a detailed description of the site. What can be found at the site, type of information, and the intended


Description of the health educational material. Type of material, intended audience, etc.

Results: for each assessment tool provide results and analysis

Conclusions: what did your findings reveal?

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