Does tailored intervention changes the biomechanics to prevent anterior cruciate ligament injuries

Literature review and Methodology for ethics approval for PhD level
A systematic literature review with meta-analysis should be conducted first followed by experimental research that will utilize within group designs and appropriate multivariate statistical analysis.
The project for the experimental research has been explained ALL in the attached photo.
700 soccer player from The Royal Saudi Air Force
Divide into two groups
Control group: will get FIFA 11+ Training
Intervention group will divided to Ligament Dominance, Trunk (Core Dysfunction) Dominance, Trunk and Quadriceps Dominance. Bead on The base line test:
3D for motion analysis camera �Siliconcoach Video Analysis software�

We will apply a tailored intervention specifically for the specific Dominance for 6 weeks then flow up by using 3D for motion analysis camera �Siliconcoach Video Analysis software� to see any biomechanics changes . After

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