Project Planning: This planning is about Mrs. A who is a single mother of two grown-up male adult, who lives in East Kilbride two years ago Custom Essay

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This planning is about Mrs. A who is a single mother of two grown-up male adult, who lives in East Kilbride two

years ago. She is 60 years old, my resident, Mrs. A was a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type 1, which led to

serious detriments on herself and her mobility. She was admitted into the Lornebank care home centre in May 2012.

She is 5FT 10inch in height and weighs 98. 00kg. In the last four months, she has dropped 2 stones of her weight.

She has certainly not been immersed in smoking and alcohol. She had a bad movement and was in the past walking

before using walking aid equipments now to support herself with the assistance of two workers. Due to her medical

issues, she hasn’t been in any type of work for quite some time. ( how does this impact )
She has diabetes mellitus type 1, which mostly is the inadequate production of insulin in the pancreas (Diabetes

UK (2012). At home, she uses an insulin injection at particular times. Due to confidentiality reasons, I have

withdrawn her name and other facts and will signify her as resident A, (NMC Code of Conduct). I will also

preserve her information protected and use it for the right objectives (Data Protection Act 1998).
At the moment, she is in the care home always sitting down because her legs are heavy, sore and her movement is

not that balanced when walking, but she does corporate and responding well to the care workers and nurses. ( Any

Analgesia required)
After further conservations with my supervisor and a verbal agreement obtained from resident A, they both

approved my choice to take the bed bath (NMC Code of Conduct 2008). I preferred bed bath with resident (did she

choose this ? ) A because at the moment she is requiring help with her care because she is so tired to walk down

to the bathroom. On admission into the home, she was evaluated on the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool Royal

college of nursing (2014). An amount of her height and weight was complete with compute her Body Mass Index. The

counts were totaled up to measure if she was undernourished or not.

Resident A is currently on a food and fluid chart, as these are being checked consistently because her intake

after surgery may have decreased, she is on the skin-care bundle chart, where her skin is reviewed for pressure

ulcers. To let bloodstream to another part of her body, she is repositioned every four hours. We use pillows for

her heels to prevent sores. Lastly, she is on a sore care chart which includes her wound has been evaluated ( how

will you deal with wounds) regularly to check the recovery level given she is diabetic, for pain (expand ) and

also to avoid it for other infections. Other factors are also measured.
Resident A is presently, passing all through Erik Erikson’s 8th stage of a psychosocial period of maturity, which

is Ego Integrity versus Despair psychology (2011). In this phase, there is a delay in a person’s efficiency. They

lay back and have a thinking about their existences, whether they have achieved so much and are comfortable and

pleased or there is a deficiency of gratification since they ought to be achieved as much as necessary, which

gives them disturbance and resentment. Resident A is in the stage of despair because she conversed with remorse

and wished she did much to evade the circumstances she hit upon herself. Resident A has constantly taken care of

her own special care, but currently has to depend on others for that necessity to be contented.
I will follow the manual handling and operation reguation1992 and must evade the aid of the force in relocating

her so that damages are not sustained and use the suitable –which is equipment obtainable. Manual handling and

operation Act 1992 (1992). Inasmuch as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 are apprehensive and as a

responsibility of care, I will confirm the surroundings are secure before beginning my activity and utilize the

care standards on the six values. I will certify resident A is preserved with esteem and self-respect and has a

choice to complain or bring in a recommendation, confirm her safety and take care of her with total respect as I

would ensure with all residents and certainly not discriminate because of her present condition. ( how will you

do all this)
On that day of the activity, I will review resident A over and get her permission. Once she endorses it, then I

will bring together my resources. I will apply her care plan facts as a guiding light to the activity to bed

bath. Most of the resources I will be needing for my activity are as follows, Additional care staff to support,

Bedpan, face towels or clothes and two towels, a bath basket, rubber gloves and apron, basin with warm water,

body lotion, toiletries, resident clean dress and undies (terminology), hair brush, hand mirror, toothbrush,

paste, a cup and a bowl for mouth rinsing, pads, wipes, waste bag, sliding sheet, two clean lining, pillow cases,

and stand aid. I will position all my resources on the resident’s bench or table. Afterwards shut the door to

preserve her self-respect and confidentiality in a safe situation (NMC,2008). I will clean my hands, place on my

apron and hand gloves to lessen any increase of infection, and next I will restart with my activity. I will

regulate the bed to an appropriate tallness to maintain a better balance( what about your assistant ) and ease my

work too.
All through the activity I will make sure there will be a lot of communications in whatever am undertaking and to

get occupied in order to assess her cognitive capability. Next, I will help the resident to take away her clothes

and wrapping her using a towel and then wash her face with a face towel in( ask for preferences) the milder

soaped water and inspire her to rinse her own face and next providing her a towel to dry it up in order to

encourage her independence and confidence-building (NMC,2008). I will assist her to wash her upper half of the

body beginning with the arm away from me, then I will perfectly dry the section she has cleaned to decrease the

risk of cross contamination.
Afterward, I will be covering her upper washed body, to support her dignity and replace the water and my hand

gloves and will provide her with wet wipes and urge her to wash her confidential zone( terminology) so as not to

evade her privacy. Later, I will predispose the wipes in a waste bag and after that exchange, the water as soon

as possible and clean her legs. I will request her to turn onto her edge with the support of the other care

staff. I will bath wash her back and also examine her pressure regions, during which on her side, I will take off

the lowest sheet and add in a fresh one and recap the same process on the reverse side. I will invite her to

select what she will put on, and this is to propose her a choice and take care of her as an individual (NMC,

2008). Through the support of the other co-worker, we will move resident A to the uppermost of the bed by a

sliding sheet and lift her head to a comfy position and put her heel on a pillow. After, I will then give her a

toothbrush with paste on it, a glass of water, a towel and a bowl which is for mouth rinsing. I will then give

her a mirror and brush to comb her hair and adjust her bed to the height of her choice. I will predispose bad

rubbish wipes and restore all resources to their right positions.
Within this activity, I will be directing the whole activity and prepare everything suitable for the planning

with my mentor and my resident as well as getting their permission from which I have completed. My obligation is

to make sure the activity is securely accomplished while making sure that the resident is contented, confirming

at all times that her dignity and confidentiality are conserved.

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