Strategic Audit of PepsiCo

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I need this done as one paper, in two orders. I need the first 3 pages as the 6 hour and the other 11 pages as a separate 7 day order.

I can upload the course outline that has the requirements.
I need something along the lines of what was done in the sample "strategic plan for disney"
The first part I need is 3 pages and the requirements are:"Introduction. This section should state the purpose of your project and why this research is important (I’m doing PepsiCo, and the purpose/research question is: With the increase in a societal health consciousness, what strategies will PepsiCo adopt to stay relevant in the industry and maintain their ranking as one of the leading global food and beverage companies?). It should also give an overview of the paper and the methods you will use to analyze your organization or industry."
Both orders should include title page, table of contents, page numbers and running headings, and reference section.
I checked night calls allowed, but txt first, have children to put to bed, and email of course

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