What is the anti-sleeping law? To Mitch Snider, why is this law so outrageous?

1. Homeless in Paradise: A Map of the Terrain.(1994) Rob Rosenthal. Temple University.

2. “Is sustainable capitalism possible?” James O’Connor IN is Capitalism.



Homeless in Paradise (chap1)

1.What is the anti-sleeping law? To Mitch Snider, why is this law so outrageous?
2.What is “deindustrialization?” (p.13) How does it explain the increase in homelessness in the early 80’s?
Homeless in Paradise (chap 2 and 3)
3.What did you feel reading about the stories of homeless people?
4.Pick one individual introduced in Chapter 2 and write a very short summary explaining how this person fell into homelessness. What are the apparent causes?
5.Chap 3 “Being Homeless”—read it through, and write whatever was surprising to you about the life on the street.

O’Connor (portion due in Week3, pp. 152-p.155 ‘introduction’ and pp.158-161 ‘Demand Crisis’). This reading can be quite dense. Do not feel pressured to be 100% correct in your answers.1. What are the four different meanings of sustainability of capitalism?
2.On p.154, “Capitalism is self-destructing and in crisis.” What does this mean?
3.From the purely economic point of view, what does it mean that capitalism is sustainable?
4.P.160. What is the “first (or internal) contradiction” of capitalism? First, give a general explanation, and then give one historical example of the internal contradiction.

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