Pathophysiology discussion of an article custom essay

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I need a brief discussion of an article for my pathophysiology class. It’s nothing as extensive like the one before but you might not feel comfortable with it. If so you might ask to see if your friend could do it.

Read the article and answer the question:
1) Describe (as presented in the article) the health care system and cultural challenges of addressing thalassemias in developing countries.
2) Describe a role that a healthcare professional could or DNP prepare nurse do to positively impact the disease burden from thalassemia. (optional)
3) Describe the pathophysiologic basis of thalassemias and what is the extent of the problem of these disorders in developing countries. (optional)

You can add anything else would like to this discussion because all students will be answering the same questions and you can take it on a different path so we won’t cover the same thing. So, I would suggest finishing this ASAP or it may have to be rewritten since I cannot cover information what my other group members cover.
*Paraphrase the article but avoid word-for-word sentences from the article and provide any references used to answer this dicussion.

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