Peacekeeping Terminology and History Custom Essay

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There are 2 parts;
Part 1:(2 pages)
answer one of the discussion questions below incorporating the readings for this week:
1)Historically, what has caused wars and how has warfare changed over time?
2)Is it possibleto eliminatewar? Justify your answer.
Part 2: (1 page)
Respond to two classmate submissions (100 words)I will upload them as soon as they become available.These replies are to be at least 80-90 words for each reply. Replies to other students should enhance, critique (constructively and politely), support, and/or supplement a fellow classmate�s

original response, using the terms, concepts, and theories from the required readings and/or other outside sources.

If your response includes references to material outside of the required textbooks (and this is encouraged), you must cite each source so that we know from where you are getting your ideas.

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