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It is peer review response.After reading essay(I attach),you can aswer from questions Just you write response shortly like 3-4lines from each questions. Thank you. “”ENGL 122 Peer Review Response Sheet–Essay #1: Where are we coming from? Assignment: families, body image, and perceptions The purpose of peer review is for you to help each other advance beyond the current draft toward the finished paper. To best achieve this purpose, try first to describe what this draft is doing and then move on to suggestions for making the paper more effective. Your goal is not to judge but rather to mirror and offer specific advice. On your discussion board, take time to discuss your impressions with the writer, and send this sheet with your written comments on it to the writer. You may also make comments on the writer%uFFFDs document and send it back to him/her as an attachment. A good way to insert text is in capital letter. Include your draft, notes, and the peer review sheets you receive from your partners with the revision you’ll be turning in by 2/17. Each person should exchange papers with three classmates (two minimum). 1. First, read the paper; then write a quick list of dominant impressions. What stands out? What images or metaphors or phrases are particularly vivid? What strikes you as most illuminating about the narrative not only as a story, but as the development of an idea? What do you like about the narrative? Place a * next to parts you thought worked well. 2. Read the paper again. Sketch out a brief outline describing the paper. Do the connections between ideas all make sense to you? Note where they do not. What are the gaps where something doesn%uFFFDt make sense or isn%uFFFDt clearly presented? Underline passages you found confusing or not as strong. 3. Does the writer provide a title and an opening paragraph that effectively captures the readers%uFFFD attention and that prepares them for the story to follow? What would make the title and opening paragraph more effective? 4. If there were a nagging question that this narrative is supposed to address, what do you think it would be? For example, for Kingston, the nagging question might be, %uFFFDWhat is my aunt%uFFFDs story?%uFFFD Her mother only told her the outlines of the story and the aunt%uFFFDs name and history has been withheld from Maxine. 5. Does the writer offer detailed and vivid portrayals of the characters and setting in order to set the stage for the plot and development of themes? What needs to be explained more smoothly or in more detail? 6. Does the writer carefully organize the order and pacing of scenes and the connections between events? Are there descriptions that you would expand or reduce? Does the writer make effective use of chronological order, flashbacks, or flashforwards? Offer your response as well as suggestions. 7. How has the writer included some reflection on an essay from this unit? Has he or she incorporated a few quotes from that essay? What suggestions do you have about how the writer might link his or her narrative to the essay we read in class?

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