Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) Custom Essay

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At the workplace learning has been revolutionized by use of PDA’s and computers to be more electronic based than paper work (Dervanik, 2005). Teachers, students and the students among them selves use electronic document to issue assignment, submit assignment and communicate with the teacher. The students use it to discuss and share information among them selves…

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But, the Pocket-PC has windows operating system and Microsoft Office suite which has Ms-Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint which is more the same like how it is being used in a personal computer. Therefore I do recommend for use of Pocket-PC instead of Palm PDA because student’s would be able to prepare a wide range of documents….

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Use of Pocket-PC PDA’s will make computing services to be easily assessable to the trainers and the students. According to Churchill, (2008) students are able to edit their document, spell check and share files and ideas with other students and the teacher using the connectivity tools which are inbuilt in the PDA’s….

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