Personal Reflective Essay and Reflective Essay Examples

Reflective essays may either be firsthand accounts or accounts borrowed from secondary sources. This simply means that reflective essay examples can be divided into either primary or secondary/second hand accounts. The first reflective essay example (primary) involves experiences that an author has experienced firsthand. For instance, an author writing about a “past summer” experience gives a personal firsthand account. However, reflective essays should not be confused with informative essays. Reflective essays, which form the basis of our discussion, relate to personal feelings and findings. Informative essays, on the other hand, may only tell readers how much was spent on the summer vacation. Findings and feelings are what completes reflective essays, and makes them what they are.

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The second reflective essay example is what has been referred to as secondhand/secondary account. Like the first reflective essay example, secondhand reflective essays deal with feelings and findings of an author. Authors express what they have learnt from a completed book, journal or article. These feelings and findings should be supported with credible evidence. Statistics and proper citation and attribution are part and parcel of secondary reflective essay examples. Although authors are expected to properly cite all borrowed thoughts, ideas and words, those of the author should be predominant.

Both types of essays follow similar formatting procedures and writing guidelines. Like any other essay examples, reflective essays have three major sections. The first section, as always, should be the introduction. In this section, both reflective essay examples should include a strong thesis statement and any relevant background information. The body section of the reflective essay should provide detailed blow by blow analysis of the feelings and findings of the author. As in other cases, all reflective essay examples should have a conclusion. The conclusion section gives the author a last opportunity to prove their case. It is in this section that an author can convince readers that their thoughts are more than just thoughts. Buy a Custom Personal reflective essay from ❶ Reflective Essay Examples 

Personal Reflective Essay

Personal reflective essays are one of the many types of essays that any academician may have to encounter in their line of study. Other popular types of essays include, but are not limited to, argumentative and exploratory essays. But what does a personal reflective essay entail? Generally, this type of essay entails a personal feeling, attitude or a perspective regarding a certain issue, topic or situation. More often than not, those expected to submit these particular types of essays are expected to not only express what they have learned, but also personal feelings.

That said, a personal reflective essay offers students or writers an opportunity to express their personal opinion about a given topic. Also, the essay allows writers to support positions and opinions held. To support a taken position, writers may be required to cite appropriately from materials such as reliable articles, journals, books and other relevant materials. Despite the citing requirement, this type of essays should always reflect personal thoughts, not those of other authors.

Just like other types of essays, personal reflective essays should follow set writing guidelines. This means that these essays should contain features contained in any type of essays. Better still, such essays should follow formatting guidelines, just as it happens to argumentative and personal essays. As is the rule with any type of essays, all essays should begin with a thesis statement. This statement gives a reader an idea of what an essay is all about. Succeeding paragraphs should discuss in detail personal thoughts or opinions about a topic that appears on the headline. A proper progression is necessary; otherwise the essay will not effectively convey the intended information. Buy a Custom Personal reflective essay from Prime Essay Writings.

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As a matter of necessity, this type of essays should meet formatting guidelines. Depending on the subject matter, or the discipline in which a topic falls, personal reflective essays should fall in either of the main formatting standards. These standards are MLA, APA, AMA, and Chicago/Turbian. ❶ Personal Reflective Essay

Personal Essay Examples

Before joining college or any other institution of higher learning, students may be required to submit an essay. Generally, the kind of essays that students may be required to submit can be divided into two major categories. One of the two categories may require students to write a summarized autobiography. The second category may just require students to write about a chosen topic. Summarily, it is the two categories of essays that are commonly referred to as personal essays. This implies that there any personal essay examples will fall in either of the two categories.

Personal essay examples that require students to write about themselves (summary autobiography) are usually used by a learning institution’s admission committee to evaluate a potential student on several areas. First, this personal essay example evaluates the personal character of a student. Secondly, personal autobiography essays evaluate the interests, strengths and objectives of an applicant. Other factors that a personal essay may be seeking to assess are career objectives of an applying student. Overall, the admission committee uses this personal essay example to weigh whether an applicant is compatible with an institution’s requirements and standards.

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The other personal essay example requires students or applicants not to write about their own lives, but about a predetermined topic. For instance, an admission committee may require international applicants to write about their country of origin and how much they know about the country they wish to study in. This personal essay example, unless otherwise stated, aims to meet two objectives. First, the personal essay evaluates language proficiency of an applicant. Secondly, this personal essay example puts into perspective the knowledge of a prospective student. As it would be expected, applicants who show excellent language proficiency stand a better chance of being admitted. In addition, applicants who exhibit exceptional knowledge of their country and the foreign country they desire to attend college stand a higher chance of not being left out.

Overall, all personal essay examples gauge the eligibility of college applicants. This may precisely mean that personal essays hold the key to admission to college, and so should be written with the seriousness they deserve. Buy a Custom Personal Essay Examples from Prime Essay Writings.

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