Physiological Psychology Essay

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Physiological Psychology is one of the subdivisions of biological psychology which is used to study neural mechanisms of behavior and perception which is done by manipulating nonhuman brain by use of controlled experiments. Its experimental science heavily relies on quantitative data and laboratory research. It is known traditionally to specialize in emotion, mental disorder, perception, memory, motivation, cognition and leaning which all them are based on the research of the brain. Physiological Psychology is affected by the following physical factors which mainly affect nervous systems which include hormonal balance, diet taken, hereditary, metabolism, drug injections ….

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Electro recording technique is a scalp electronic technique which records the functioning of human brain. Its advantage is that it does not cause harm to the subject, it’s done on human being whom is to be applied on unlike use of animals and has real presentation of the functionality of the brain. Although, it can be able to study up to level of consciousness of the brain such as alert or drowsy as in cases of epilepsy it does not provide clear pictures such as those which are done by scanning. Scanning technique, scalp recording is done by scanning such as FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) which is used to measure the brain activities to specific stimuli. Its advantage is that it is much faster to scan and get high quality printouts of the scan. While, its main disadvantage is that its cost of scanning is high and not in reach of most patients

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In conclusion failure or damage of V4 will make the person impaired to see colors, comprehend frequencies and orientation. While if it’s V5 which is damaged one would not be able to coordinate motion activities in vision such as moving the eye appropriately to focus on what one intends to see and will have poor integration of global percepts and local motion signals. For one to be able to see properly and make accurate judgment he shall need to focus both eye balls to the subject being analyzed else failure to do so one would not be able to see the object properly it will be faint and would not as well be able to estimate speed of goods in motion or depth

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