Plan of a Health Promotion Intervention custom essay

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Assignment 4: Plan of a Health Promotion Intervention
This assignment is in 2 parts;

Plan a small-scale health promotion intervention targeting a client-group which will address a specified area of health promotion using the following steps. This is to be based on a health promotion initiative to members of the public: it is not based on sick people in hospitals or nursing homes with medical illness/disorders. This intervention must be based on subjects attending at least one workshop/seminar/awareness face to face session (cannot be purely based on setting up a telephone helpline/internet service)

The assignment should include the following 2 sections:

Part A:
Background/Evidence base/rational and description of proposed intervention (70%) (1000 words maximum excluding refs) This is to be written as if to your scientific manager. You should discuss the background and evidence to the topic and why this topic is an important area for health promotion initiative. You should outline your rational and justification for choice by using Government policies/ figures/statistics. Outline a description of your proposed intervention indicating the aims of your intervention and your plan of the proposed intervention. Discuss briefly what your intervention is going to be, the specific target group, who will benefit from the initiative and what your intervention involves. Use scientific rational supported by Government policies, facts or figures where appropriate to justify your rationale. References list in Harvard style. Use the same title on both part A & Part B; the title should be snappy and related to the topic. Word count must be listed

Part B
Design a practical tool for example a leaflet for use with your target population for your intervention (30%). Submit as a practical tool with pictures/designs. This must be practical, easily understood and aimed at the general public (not your manager). This requires an innovative title which should be snappy/catchy and reflective of your initiative; same title as part A. It also requires you to design a practical part/tool for use with your target group. This leaflet is to be assessed in its entirety therefore choose a small topic area which should be self explanatory 4 sides A4 paper maximum (2 pages; no less than size 12 font ); 1 side title page with captions/pictures 3 sides text/writing/pictures/diagrams

please send me a topic and summery of what you will going to do before you start to check with my supervisor . the intervention should be aim to change behavior or eduction , you can use any idea by the internet but reword the intervention don’t copy it ,the intervention should be within UK and northerland

this some example for topic
Coronary heart disease, cancer & respiratory disease account for 65% of all deaths in N.I. Many of these deaths occur under 65 years of age and are potentially preventable.?

Fit Futures 2005: ?In Northern Ireland one in five boys and one in four girls in primary one are overweight or obese?

Coronary Heart Disease statistics 2006: British Heart Foundation

Obesity Guidelines: NICE 2006 and CREST 2005

Diabetes UK : Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus

I’m going to attach some class file to make the intervention more clear after

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