Plato’s and Seneca’s philosophy custom essay

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Both Plato’s Apology and the pieces by Seneca (“On the Shortness of Life,’ ” Consolation to Helvia,” and “On Tranquility of Mind”) deal directly with the issue of death. In each text the discussion of death is conjoined to a meditation on living — a vision of how one should live. Write a three page essay dealing this feature of Plato’s and Seneca’s philosophy? Please incorporate your thoughts, reflections, and assessments of the material.

1. No outside source on Plato or Seneca may be consulted. Your writing should reflect a serious engagement with the texts and my lectures exclusively. Violation of this rule will result in a failing grade.

2. Your introduction should not simply repeat the language of this handout. The introduction paragraph should not be exceeded 1/3 of the page. Your conclusion should be deliberate and thoughful. And the conclusion paragraph should not be exceeded half of the page.

3. Your work should reflect multiple instances of serious proof-reading

4. Do not use lengthly quotation from the sources.

5. Please use undergraduate-level English ( because I am not a native speaker )

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