Police officers in Houston Essay

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This literature review will evaluate on the career of police officers in Houston, Texas. Houston police department is meant to serve the society living in Houston which is an international city in Texas with a population and economic development which is vibrant. The rate of crime in the city has declined over the years due to the effort of the police and good cooperation working relationship with the people they serve. Community policing/partnership has proved to be an effective way of securing the community and making them much safer. The police are ready to work with the community they serve to make their work place and home a much better place to live….

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Recruitment of police officers is characterized by a lot of ethnicity and discrimination, this is the vice which police recruitment has been dealing with to ensure the process is transparent and it’s based on merit and qualifications (Angelis & Kupchik, (2009). After they are recruited they have chances to proceed with their career because Houston Police department has several job assignments which the police officer would ….

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In conclusions the study of being a police officer is a career which starts by the recruitment process which the officers are involved in. To serve different levels in the police force in different career paths, these promotional paths are very important in the police career as they work much harder to realize their full potentials to be considered for promotion….

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