Political Geography: Electoral Geography custom essay

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In this assignment you will build upon the in-class examination of electoral geography, in which we examined patterns of political participation in relation to social characteristics and electoral system features which influence the participation process.

You will examine a selected provincial electoral district (i.e. riding) in metropolitan Vancouver. You will provide a profile of this district, including a presentation of its boundaries, political representatives, population characteristics, and historical development/voting patterns. You will conclude your examination of the provincial electoral district with a reasoned prediction of how this riding will vote in BC?s scheduled May 14, 2013 General Provincial Election.


1) Choose a current provincial electoral district in metropolitan Vancouver to examine. If you are unsure as to whether your district is
located within metropolitan Vancouver, you can consult the map of the Vancouver Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), provided in
the in-class activity on metropolitan scale governance.

2) Find and review current and historical information on the electoral district you have selected. This should include information about the
boundaries of your electoral district, its political representatives, election results, and the social characteristics of its population.

Note: You may use academic and popular sources for research to be used and referenced in your assignment, but do not use
Wikipedia as a referred source for your paper. Wikipedia, however, often serves as a useful starting point to locate more substantive

Hint: The Elections BC and BC Stats websites are extremely useful resources for this assignment.

3) Gather information that you think would be helpful in making a prediction about how your electoral district will vote in the May 14, 2013
General Provincial Election. This may include sources such as media accounts of issues relevant to your district, opinion polling
data, academic literature on factors influencing election results, as well as social and historical information about your district.

4) Organize the information you have gathered into a cohesive, written analysis of the electoral district you have chosen. Include, in your
narrative, well-labeled and referenced maps and tables as necessary and appropriate.


You will synthesize the sections identified above into a 5-8 page paper using full sentences organized into paragraphs. This page limit refers just to the textual material; any maps and tables you include are in addition to this text. You will provide in-text citation of your information sources, using either APA or Chicago/Turabian style notation to identify the sources of ideas you have paraphrased, or particular pieces of information (e.g. a direct quote, a map, a table, etc.) you have referenced and presented verbatim in your paper.

In addition to your 5-8 pages of text, you will also provide:

a) A title page, showing the title of the assignment, your name and student number, course information (course title, instructor, institution),
and the submission date;

b) A works cited page, at the end of your assignment, listing alphabetically, by author, the sources (six sources) used and referenced in the text of the
paper. Consult the Citation Styles section of the Kwantlen library website,
(http://www.kwantlen.bc.ca/library/guides/citingyourresources.html), for formatting guidelines for different citation styles.

c) Page numbers for each of your pages following the title page. The title page is not included in pagination.

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