Political Science Essay State Society Relation in Egypt’s Transition custom essay

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Please write a 2,500-?3,000-?word3 original research paper. identify a puzzle about or an anomaly in state society relations to research, and then develop a solution to the puzzle. The paper should explain how state? society relations have caused some conflict, problem or policy success inside of a developing country; or how state? society relations has impeded or facilitated the resolution of the conflict or problem. Alternatively, attempt to explain why a particular country currently has (or historically has had) a particular configuration of state? society relations, assuming the configuration presents some kind of puzzle, in my case, Egypt.
Research questions can only be about the past; no forecasting of the future is permitted. The paper must focus on the domestic politics of a country. Hence, topics like, US Policy toward Zimbabwe,UN Peacekeeping in Cambodia, or International debt in Brazil are unacceptable for this class. It is also a bad idea to try to explain why something did NOT happen, like Why didn’t the Sandinistas make Nicaragua more democratic?

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