Political Science: Military force which United States need to ensure its future security Essay

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Untied States is experiencing increased insecurity after the Bombing by terrorists on 11th September 2001. The increased insecurity has been brought by changing of tack ticks by its enemies who wish to compromise United States security like North Korea advancements against United States (Schake, 1999). Therefore there is need for the military to change their operations to meet the future security challenges which the country facing. However, the military is being organized based on the current threats which they are exposed to, of which the current challenges will definitely not be similar with the future challenges. According to Biddle, (2005) …

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Model of Grand Strategy should guide US national security policy; United State should be guided by Rollback model which is the American Gland Strategy because it needs few alterations to encompass the current policy in operation. United States needs to maintain national security as a priority to mitigate spread of terrorism which is the main threat of United States. Terrorists express themselves by defying law and structures of governments (Biddle, 2005)….

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In conclusion United States role in Liberal Security Community on leadership; United States should provide leadership to liberal nations as well. Liberal nations have a lot of connections and interdependences with each other such that they would rarely rise against each other as they will loss a lot (Risse, 2003). Their security relations are predictable and they trust each other in their economic activities which they participate together….

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