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paper on the significance of the work of the political scientist that was assigned to you in class. While you may want to provide some biographical information about your subject, especially if you believe it influenced the type of research that he did.

Unlike the first paper assignment, this paper will require some outside research. Please do not simply copy or paraphrase a biographical profile of your political scientist you have found on the Internet. For some older political scientists you might actually need to use print materials in the library. Clearly identify the sources that you do use following the format outlined in the American Political Science Association, Style Manual for Political Science (http://www.ipsonet.org/data/files/APSAStyleManual2006.pdf)

While I do not expect you to have read through all the major works of the political scientist you are writing about, I would encourage you to take a look of some of what he or she has written just to get a sense of the style of writing and the breadth of its appeal. Would a person need a degree in political science to understand what your subject was writing about or could an ordinary lay reader understand it? You will also need to lookup some reviews of your subject?s major works in professional journals to see how they were received when they were first published and whether assessments of their value/importance have changed over the years. Are their findings still recognized as valid? If your subject?s research has had any influence on public policy or had any other practical implications, you should also discuss what they were. In your conclusion you should offer your own assessment of your subject?s contributions to the discipline of political science.

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