Political Science

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If nuclear superiority provides a meaningful deterrent against terrorism. Superiority in nuclear development does not provide meaningful deterrent against terrorism. This will defy the international treaty which is meant to enforce and prevent development and spread of nuclear weapon and weapon technology. Terrorist do have access to nuclear from countries which produce them therefore it is prudent to prevent development of weapons of mass destruction such that terrorist won’t have access to it. If United States gains superiority on production of nuclear weapon it means they are enchasing the technology to prepare nuclear which are more destructive. According to Lieber, (2002)

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Mechanisms available to control spread of Weapons of Mass Destructions. The international community is challenged on the mechanism which they should use to effectively control spread of weapons of mass destructions. However US have lead in facilitating use of democratic channels by engaging several communities to discus on how they would mitigate its spread especially in North Korea. Several communities have heeded it such as Japan, China, Russia and North Korea (Peter, 2009)

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In conclusion, The threat of terrorist to use nuclear weapons has heightened the cold war of US and the countries which want to compromise its security. However, United States can not fight back by use of nuclear weapons as well because terrorist live in small cells which are hard to locate, also use of nuclear against them would create international tensions due to collateral damage which would be caused by use of technology (Boyne Et al. 2005).

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