POlitical Scince: The health care issue that the President and the Congress worked to get it into a law custom essay

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Read Bardes chapters 10 ,11 and California Government chapters 6,7.
Understand the following the are responsibilities of the Congress and the President.
Do not use attachment. Cut and paste if you like to do your work in advance.

The Congress
1.U.S. Senate and House leadership
3.The representative functions
5. Filibuster
6.Senate and House committees functions

The President
7. President as chief executive
8.President as chief legislator
9.The president power to persuade
10.Constituencies and public approval

Answer the following question (in 200-250 words no more/no less).
Consider items 1 -10 and apply them (at least 2 from each group) to the health care issue that the President and the Congress worked to get it into a law . Did the president and the Congress use their powers (items 1-10) effectively to come up with this bill or they used their power to kill the health care issue?

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