Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Custom Essay

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For this activity you need to research two different areas:
1. Your approved topic from Activity One. Look for journal articles about your topic in psychology journals.
2. Read about how to write Likert scales. See the list of resources provided and find other resources using the library.
Then choose 3-4 relevant articles about your topic and prepare a summary of each by writing an annotated bibliography.
You MUST use the following format for your paper (without numbering) using numerous headings to label and separate each different part of the assignment.
1. Introduction: Write a short paragraph describing your topic and its relevance to physiological psychology.
2. For each article:
– First, give the full reference in APA format.
– Second, write a paragraph summarizing the main ideas of the article.
– Third, write another paragraph explaining how the article will be useful to your project.
3. Conclusion: Summarize the topic and explain its importance, using scientific evidence and citations as foundation for your research and topic.

Book Reference:
Biological Psychology, 10th Edition, James W. Kalat

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