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Potential Employer Assignment: Develop a list of four potential employers for which you would like to work or at least would consider working. Focus on your area of study. Provide: Name, address, web, phone, contact person. Then, research each employer with the intent to gain as much information about them as possible. See this as practice in learning about a company before interviewing for a position. Try to gain a better understanding of what it is they specifically do, the company size, etc. Make a special note of anything you find unusual about the company. This could be products or services that they provide that you did not know they produced. For each potential employer, write a brief summary of the information that you found interesting. Identify if your research strengthened or weakened your interest in the employer, explain why. If called for an interview, are there any questions that you would like to ask of the potential employer based on what you learned from your research? If so, what questions? I want from you to write a research paper about four companies half page each, try to get all the information from their web sites. Please do research on BTC- NETWORK http://www.btc-networks.com/, APPLE, CISCO and Microsoft Here is an example for you. I found 4 potential companies that I would consider working for when I graduate from college. They are, STC (Saudi Telecommunication Company) Mobily, Zain, and ARAMCO (Arabian American oil Company). 1. STC (Saudi Telecommunication Company) The largest telecommunication company in Saudia Arabia is STC. It was the first provider for phone lines, internet, and cell phone services. STC’s HQ is based in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Their website is http://www.stc.com.sa/. To contact them for a CV status, you must call this telephone number +966 1 4521889. There is no general person to contact for the CV status. Whoever answers the phone is who you must deal with that day. STC is a company that provides all types of telecommunication to their customers. Their main 2 services these days it’s cell phone communications, and DSL internet connection. They provide mainly two types of cell phone services. The first is a monthly subscription and the other is a prepaid service that is called SAWA. The prepaid has an advantage for people who don’t call a lot. SAWA only charges you around 25 cents a minute for each local call. One can also purchase refill cards at convenient stores and even from your local ATM. The monthly billed is called Fatoora. Its advantages is if you call a lot you can get good discounts because its cheaper per minute than SAWA is. The drawback of Fatoora is if you don’t use it to call a lot you basically pay each month a fee that you could have used it for something else. Their internet connection is honestly horrible. It really weakened my interest when started to use it. It is supposedly a fast DSL connection, but it is always lagging and cuts off repeatedly with a very low bandwidth. The company is mainly owned by the Saudi government which makes its employment very good. The government gives really good benefits to its employers. For example free medical and a discount on the services. I would like to ask the company how much I would earn for a starting salary with a masters degree. I would also want to know what would be my yearly increase and bonuses I could earn from the company as an employee. I would also like to know how many days I could get off a month and a year. I would also like to know if I could either cover or have someone cover my shifts if anything would happen to me or my friend.

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