Practices of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Effectiveness in Treatment custom essay

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I already have the abstract written, so take a look at it because I want to use what I have done. I also have sources that I want used. You can access them through EbscoHost, and if you need my ID number and password to get to them I can provide it for you. I. Introduction a. Brief History and Development of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in counseling b. Introduction of CBT and its importance in the field of counseling II.Primary Themes a. 5 major themes/aspects of topic and describe them b. discussion of important elements of counselor identity, function, and ethics related to main topics. c. Biblical Values and insights related to topic III. Personal Reflections of topic and a discussion of commitment to provide biblically grounded, ethical, and empirically based counseling services. (***This is the only section that can be written in first person and personal opinion) IV. Conclusion V. References

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