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Respond to the following 3 questions by using this book. You must endnote everything. List the pages in parenthesis.

1. I once talked to a man at coffee hour who was bending my ear: ‘Why are we not hearing from the pulpit some of what your students are learning in the seminary?’ I have a hunch about that. In seminary you are exposed to ideas that might seem new or even radical to many of the churches you serve. What’ in your experience’ might some of those ideas be? How do the readings this week illuminate that experience? How might you ideas about salvation? Sin and evil? Christology? Word of God? Be sure you engage the assigned readings.

2. Identify core or central doctrines in your own denominational tradition. If you need to, check theological statements in books of worship or the home page of your denomination. For example, in the United Church of Christ we have a ‘Statement of Faith’ that is published in the New Century Hymnal. What theological questions do they raise for you? (In the UCC Statement of Faith Jesus is identified as ‘the man from Nazareth’. What is the UCC saying? What is it NOT saying?) Another example: if a key question for your denomination is ‘salvation’ (soteriology) then why did God create the world such that salvation was necessary?

3. Review the ‘theological method’ handout that I have uploaded and O. Wesley Allen’s article on ‘Revelation’ (in the book I mentioned above) where he outlines ‘theological models’. Where do you find yourself? What are the dominant methods and theological models do you see in your denomination’s history and practice?

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