Preschool children storybook; Examine the storybook for each of the five components of language custom essay

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1) a story book appropriate for preschool children.
2) a preschool age child

1. Select a storybook for a preschool child. Examine the storybook for each of the five components of language. For example, what phonetic knowledge can be enhanced by reading the book? What value does the book have in promoting semantic knowledge or syntactic knowledge? Share your conclusions with your class.
2. Ask a preschooler to tell you a story. Then ask the child to tell you the story so that you can write it down. Take the child?s dictation, printing the story on unlined paper that has been stapled into a small book format. When the story dictation ends, ask the child if they want to draw a picture to go with the story. Make a copy of the story and give the original story/drawing to the child. Analyze the child?s story text for evidence of semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic knowledge.

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