Presentation must be statistical and analytical in nature custom essay

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2.) Preswntation includes a 6-10 page report of findings. This must include 1-2 pages describing my project.
3.) Brief explanation of data and intentions of my project/presentation (hypothesis)
4.) Presentation must include the following inferential statistical analysis techniques: a.) Confidence interval, b.) Hypothesis Testing, C.) Linear Regression, D.) Anova
5.) Audience is non-technical, middle-management.The presentation should include, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and Megastat.
6.) Objective Analysis of data
7.) Conclusion
8.) The analysis should be a Year over Year review of sales for the Southern California Market for a company named “Psychiatry Networks,” and should include graaphs, tables, and data as required.
9.) The years in review should be Jan-Dec 2010 Versus
Jan 2011-Dec 2011
10.) The numbers can be made up as long as they make sense

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