PRIVATE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY(Job-search-engine)- Product /service Concept and Design, Value Proposition- NABC Analysis (Need, Approach, Benefits,Competitor), and Elevator Pitch. custom essay

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In this paper you will develop the product or service concept and explain its value proposition. In this paper you should:
– Explain, by developing the product.
-Explain in details the problem your product or service addresses.
-Use NABC and value factor analysis to develop and demonstrate your valiue proposition to customers and investors.
-Explain in detail how you test your product/service concept and its usability.
-Develop an elevator pitch for the product/service.
In preparing these assignments you should utilize concepts and frameworks contained in course materials (Entrepreneurship), and any other sources you may discover. The objective is quality of work and the appropriate and thorough application of relevants concepts, frameworks and tools. The Use of sound business thinking, clarity of writing.

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