Producing a policy draft custom essay

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The second piece of coursework is an exercise in producing a policy draft. This is envisaged as a practical exercise in exploring how a particular policy actor/stakeholder might tackle a contemporary policy issue. This could take the form, for instance: of a draft submission from a charity to a select committee inquiry; from a civil servant to a minister; from an officer for a local authority scrutiny committee; from a trade association or trade union in response to a draft EU directive; even (that modern rareity) a cabinet memorandum. It could be advocating a particular policy approach (recent examples have ranged across subjects from the wearing of religious symbols in schools, through British intervention in Sierra Leone, to the pursuit of carbon capture). It could also look, not at the policy issue as a whole, but at an aspect of it, such as the implementation or public communication side of the process (recent examples critically assessed policy implementation issues ranging from the handling of asbestos in buildings by the Health & Safety Executive, through equalities policy in local government, to current school meals policy). The effectiveness of the advocacy of a particular solution will obviously be particularly noted in assessing these pieces of work.

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