Program Critique: Best Buddies custom essay

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Analyze an existing Adult Education or Community Service Program(Best Buddies):
1. Describe the program:
? Who it serves
? What programs/services it provides
? What are the desired outcomes of the program
? How many participants per year
? How many trainers/staff provide services
? How the budget is managed (contract labor, full time staff, etc.)
? Other details

2. Interview a program director involved in managing that program.
? his/her name and title,
? how they got into the program,
? what their greatest challenges are,
? if the organization supports them, etc.

3. Write your own analysis of the program. Be sure to include:
? What seems to work well
? What defines success, how is it measured
? If the program is viable/successful
? If you believe it provides needed services
? Any other comments
? What did you learn that you can use in your work
? Use APA format for margins, etc
Core reading:

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