Project Dependencies Custom Essay

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This assignment is worth 5 points of the 100 points available for this course. To earn 4.5-5 points – the project has a title line. The end of the project is a major task with no sub-tasks. The TEAM WBS should have predecessors for ALL tasks (except the first major task) at ALL levels. Working times have been assigned to the tasks, Notes address extra information that will be used by the team during the project, and at least two other features of Microsoft Project have been used. More than 2 milestones/decision points are included and at least 5 recurring tasks are included. The NETWORK VIEW should show tasks in multiple paths (meaning tasks are not limited to being done sequentially), and all of the paths should flow from left to right with all paths ending at or leading to the final task, which is on the far right of the Network View. Most of the paths are blue. No tasks stand alone in the Network View. If additional sources are used to help develop the project, references are from academically credible sources and/or the textbook and are included as a Reference Page with the cover page.

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