project evaluating report results of one qualitative and one quantitative measure and recorded the raw data custom essay

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Complete the report that you have been working on for the past two weeks. Last week you “made up” the results of one qualitative and one quantitative measure and recorded the raw data. This week you will:
Make up summary results for the other two measures Present your raw data from last week in the Appendix Create tables, graphs and charts as appropriate to present your findings in the Results section Complete the Evaluation Report using the template I provided last week and again this week by:
providing a short description of the purpose and any background info if you feel it’s needed explaining the questions, collection methods and the population/sample from your planning worksheet providing a short interpretation of your results along with the graphs, charts & tables mentioned above
developing Recommendations & Conclusions from your results including a short executive summary about the purpose and results I will send you a sample about project evaluation report. I decided my topic of project evaluation report is “planning wedding” .

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