Propaganda in Syria Essay

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We have to write about Propaganda in Syria. I mean the latest problems and revolutions that happen now in Syria.Don’t write generally about Propaganda. relate it to Syria.

System Wide Assessment Brief

The assessment will be based on research Essay

Research Essay:
Write an essay researching the salient features of any one of the communication theories you have studied, analyse and apply it to a given media situation.

Some of the examples could be:

o Knowledge Gap Theory (Media literacy)
o Propaganda Theory (spin doctoring and media management)
o Perception Theory (Cinema and ‘other’)
o Theories of Press (media ownership)
o Gratification and Uses Theory (use of social media)

Your research paper should demonstrate you can:
o Explain the theory
o Apply the theory to a given media situation
o Collect evidence through study of films/ video/ Radio/
print / Advertising/PR/ Internet/Animation
o Analyse the evidence collected to support your arguments
o Summarise the key findings to give your conclusion

Your paper must include the following:

o Cover page
o Honesty statement
o Contents page
o Introduction
o Main arguments/hypothesis
o Evidence gathered through study of various mass media
o Analysis of this information gathered
o Conclusion and summary
o Bibliography (APA list of books, journals, websites used in the paper)
o Appendix (Graphs, pictures, videos, film, print material, transcripts used as evidence)

Length 1000 -15000 words (excluding cover note, honesty statement, contents page, bibliography and appendix)

Set the paper justified, in 12 point Times Roman. Use 3 cm
margins on the sides and 2 cm margins on the top and bottom.
Set all the headings in bold.

Number all headings.

Place the page numbers on the top right corner of each page.

Insert a footer and include your student ID and the title of the

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