proposal for an IT/IS strategic business for financial group organization custom essay

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complete report
I will upload an uncompleted report and I want some one to complete it.
the specification of the assignment will be uploaded.
and I will upload group of file about the case company that would be used as references.
the case company is BT financial group (some it is mentioned in the files as EFM Edge Fund Management)
we want the report to be specific to the case company, not a general report
you need to support your argument with statics and references

The text for the course is:
Grant, K., Hackney, R. And Edgar, D. (2010) Strategic Information Systems Management, Course Technology, Cengage Learning.

you need to apply the theories and models in the assignment.
please make research about the company, I want the report specific for the BT financial group , not to any general company. I have upload as much as I can files about company, you have to use it or what you find in your research

the teacher suggest us to write about knowledge management, so you need to focus on

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