Proposal to Solve a Problem Custom Essay

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Imagine that your city is offering a grants program to solve a major social problem. This means that they want to read proposals from people like you addressing a social problem in your area (so don’t address a world problem think closer to home!), and if they like your proposal, they’ll help fund your proposal/plan by giving you the money to carry it out. However, there will be LOTS of people applying for these funds, so you’ll have to show how:
Your proposal should:
1. Address an important, specific problem currently in your area (think city, county or Southern California area) so you should show how it’s a problem and how it’s relevant.
2. Present a solution that is not already being used meaning, the solution doesn’
‘t already exist.
3. Show how your solution is better or more appropriate than the existing solutions.
Remember: You are competing with others for these funds. How will you make your paper more persuasive?
In your essay, describe the problem itself, identify some possible causes (and contributing factors, etc) and argue for a possible solution. Select a thesis that is both specific and arguable. In particular, consider ways to persuade your audience through logic, credibility, data, use of anecdotes and other specific examples and support.
Examples of problems that are too broad are: Poverty, homelessness, obesity, drug abuse.
Example of problems that would be more specific and acceptable are: lack of health benefits for illegal immigrants, lack of stable housing for foster children, binge eating among adolescent girls in middle school, abuse of prescription pain killers by teens in high schools.
Your essay should have a well formed beginning, middle and end, a clear focus and thoughtful organization. You should use at least two sources from our course readings and at least two outside sources. Please see the rubric for details about other requirements. Your paper should be a minimum of three full pages, formatted according to MLA guidelines.

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