Protecting Laptops in Pubic Wi-Fi hotspots custom essay

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Hacking and eavesdropping are the most common security concerns of laptop users accessing the internet on public Wi-Fi hotspots and it is increasingly becoming tantamount and most people are not so aware of it or that they are already exposing themselves without their knowledge.
Fortunately there are way to avoid such privacy invasion issues and other malicious activities spiraling on your laptop. The following guidelines can help in making your laptop safe when accessing publicly open Wi-Fi zones.
Do not share anything
Every time you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot whether it was public or private the computer upon successful connection would ask to categorized the existing connection like Public, Office or Home Network, clicking on one of those options would bring another selection and this time would ask what particular files you want to share on the network. As part of the measure, you can opt to choose any of them like photos, documents, music, etc. and the best choice is to uncheck them all or cancel sharing any files at all.
Use a Firewall and Anti-Malicious or Virus software
Every operating system has built-in firewall system to control and block unwanted programs or connection going through your system. Activating your firewall is your first defense against eavesdropping or sending request to your laptop from unwanted connection. Installation of an anti-malware or malicious threat or anti-virus program is very important in guarding your laptop. These applications has built-in functionalities that are relatively focus on avoiding attacks and stronger policies or procedures to thwart suspicious network activities and is also equip with pop-up messaging system that alerts users of possible attack.
Use Stealth Mode
Recent updates to popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome has made significant enhancement on security which includes anti-phishing mechanism, privacy support, anti-spam or even firewall and of course the stealth mode browsing or incognito or inPrivate browsing. Using the stealth mode in browsing websites lessen the amount of information sent on the internet by filtering important information or by encrypting information before it was send on the network. Stealth mode also secures your web browsing by wiping trails of your web activity in real time mode so that hackers will have difficulty tracing your sign-on credentials.

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