psychoanalysis: now and then custom essay

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• Freud S (1912). Recommendation to physicians practicing psycho-analysis. The Freud Reader. Ed. P Gay: pp 356-63. • Winnicott D W (1990) The Maturational Processes and the Facilitating Environment. London: Karnac. Chapter 3 ‘The theory of the parent-infant relationship’. • Lomas P (1987) The Limits of Interpretation: What’s Wrong with Psychoanalysis? London: Penguin: pp 94-111. Chapter 9 ‘The misuse of therapeutic power. • Coren A (2001) Short-term Psychotherapy: A Psycho-dynamic Approach. London. Ed. Palgrave MacMillan: pp 138-61. • Fairbairn R (1994) Synopsis of an object-relations theory of the personality. Int Journal of Psychoanalysis: pp 224-225. • Freud S (1915). The Unconscious. P Gay Ed. The Freud Reader: pp 572-84. • Freud S (1915) Repression. P Gay. Ed. The Freud Reader: pp 568-72. • Bateman A and Holmes J (1995) Introduction to Psychoanalysis. London: Routledge. Chapter 4 Mechanisms of defense: pp76-94 Written theoretical essay should be base on the reading list provided above. No internet source is allowed. It is preferable for the writer to have personal experience of counselling/therapeutic practice and/or personal experience being in a therapeutic setting. i’m currently writing the case study to include in the work and already have some of the work done, which i’d like to include in it. thus, regular correspondence for clarification is advised as the final work will be submitted from dual input. i can upload some of the readings from the list above, however, i do not have all of them. If the writer has some additional reading relevant to the work s/he could use the material as long as it is referenced. the work requires in-text referencing and citations. The title of essay can be changed as we were not provided with the topic. It is a “free-style” work based on understanding of the readings. Also, the writer preferable to be English native or have lived in the UK for a number of years as knowledge of culture, politics and social, etc context is need to be included in the work. Also, the time difference due to continental distances will be a hindrance for both parties. My uni uses “TURNITIN” plagiarism software so please note that “VIPOR” can be failed (previous work checked via vipor was not passed through turnitin). English is not my 1st language so plain English should be used through out the work, apart from obvious terminological terms. Further information will be provided upon request.

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