Psychology Child Development; fiction book that that is aimed at preschoolers (perhaps one that you loved as a child custom essay

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Find a fiction book that that is aimed at preschoolers (perhaps one that you loved as a child). If you can’t think of one, visit the children’s section of a local city library and ask for a book that is a classic or well-loved storybook for children from roughly 3 to 6 years of age, and sign it out. Examine the book carefully. Read it aloud to yourself or to someone else, and then address the following points in a written report:

Give the title, name of the author and illustrator, and date of orignial publication;
Your thoughts on what makes the book appealing to young children;
Examples of any of the following elements:
rhyme and repetition in the story;
animism (e.g., talking animals or objects, or a person talking to objects);
egocentrism (e.g., animals that dress and talk like the child) or misunderstandings that arise from the child?s or character?s egocentric point of view);
centration (e.g., stories about characters who have only one prominent feature, stories about a child?s focusing on one special goal, trait, or object); and
effects that depend on literal language (e.g., jokes or misunderstandings that come from a character taking things literally).
Describe story elements that reassure the child about the strong ties of family and friendship or reflect the child?s fear of separation from family.
What features of the book are related to concepts that have been covered in the course?
Here is an incomplete list of possible authors (there are many more): Amelia Bedelia books by Peggy Parish, I Can Read books by Arnold Lobel, Curious George stories by H A Rey, Maurice Sendak, Emma Chichester Clark, Jan Brett, Charlotte Zolotow, Lynley Dodd, Dennis Lee, and Dr. Seuss.

Use an essay style with complete sentences, paragraphs, an introduction, and a conclusion (APA style is not required).

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