psychology of Indivduals and Groups in Sports and Exercise custom essay

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With reference to an appropriate theory, discuss how psychological factors could have led to Sharia?s injury(500 words)
Citeria. You need to select an approprite theory ( Anderson and williams strees response model 1997) and in relation to that theory outline how sharias experiences within her sport, recent life circumstances and her current state of mind could have contributed towards increasing her chances of becomming injured. Remember to relate theory to scenario.
Task 2
Using either a cognitive appraisal model or a greif response mode , discuss Sharia?s psychological reactions to injury, taking into consideration what factors may have led to these reactions and what effect they may have (500 words)
You should select either a cognitive appraisal model (brewer 1994) or a greif response mode (kubler- ross 1969) and in relation to one of these models. You need to state why sharia reacted the way she did to her recent injury and why she is feeling the way she is. You should also state what affect her current state of mind might have on her chances of making a full recovery and resuming her postion in her team.
Task 3
Discuss one possiable psycological intervention strategy that could help Sharia cope more effectiverly with her injury (400 words)
You need to Select one psychological interventions (congitivie restructuring, imagery, self- talk, etc) and state why this particular intervention would be suiteable for Sharia and how it could be used to help sharia better deal with her situation psycholgically. You also need to state what the expected outcomes of using this intervention would be on sharias state of mind.
Task 4
Find a journal article related to a piece of research (not summary paper or review of literature) on the psychology of injury in sport/ exercise( it can be pre-injury psychology or post ? injury psychology) and provide a 600 word summary of the aims , methods, findings and implications of the research article (600 words)
You need to make use of relevent search databases (pubmed, sports discus and google scholar) to find your research article. make sure that your article relates to the subject matter and then you must read the journal article. Once you have understood the aricle you must summarise the atricle. Onceyou have understood the article you must summarise the article in no more than 600 words using the following headings
? Aims
? Methods
? Findings
? Implcations

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