Public Personel Management Essay

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Traditionally, Human Resources or Personnel Departments have 5 core functions:
•Staffing – Recruitment
•Training and Development
•Compensation and Benefits
•Employee and Labor Relations
•Safety – Risk Management Within each of the sections, there may be a manager and a group of specialists on staff who perform all of the tasks associated with those functions.
With current budgeting constraints and a renewed emphasis on cost efficiency, many organizations are looking at changing from their traditional role into a more strategic manager role. With this in mind: Research an organization\’s HR Department and review the services they provide and the way those services are delivered – understand the concepts of decentralization vs. centralization, outsourcing, shared services, etc. Take those ideas into consideration and complete the following:
•Give a brief overview of 1 of the core functions listed above.
•List 1-2 ideas of how you could transform that function to potentially save money, resources or assist the organization in becoming more efficient. (for example, you may recommend sharing services or resources, outsourcing, using technology or eliminating tasks.)

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