Public Service announcement custom essay

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I am studying applied media and i want a practical essay for my project:
The topic of the essay is about PSA (Public Service announcement) about Autism
please explain what PSA means and when did it start and how does it affect on the public.
talk about PSA videos that have been done about autism and talk about the process and where they were played and how was the impact to aware people

* The essay should be 600 words in length (excluding cover note, contents page, bibliography and appendix).

* The assessment criteria:
* *Essay contains at least 4-5 sources that are cited in the proper (APA FORMAT) (Wikipedia does not count as a source) source must be credible from books, magazine articles, films, etc. If you use websites as a source THEY MUST BE FROM education websites (.edu) or government websites (.gov), or organization websites (.org or .net) DOT COM if NEEDED.
* Bibliography (APA list of books, journals, websites used in the paper)

* Please send me the sources used for writing this essay because the instructor will need it as a proof, this is very important

* Make sure that the paper is NOT plagiarized because my college is using (Turnitin) to check the plagiarism and is VERY STRICT in the rules.

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