Qualitative and Quantitative Research Question

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The first question will be; Courses of steep decline in the value of Collaterized Mortgage Obligations (CMO)? For the researcher to answer this question they will need to be investigative so that they obtain the history and genesis of CMO so that they will be able to support their arguments with facts. During the investigation the investigators should not only confine them selves on sourcing the historical facts which brought emergence of CMO. They would as well source the information of its development up to day and the challenges which it has faced with the increased default rate of mortgages. To conclusively answer this question it would be important to know the major financial institutions which were dealing with mortgaging and the role which they played for the decline of CMO in May and June 2007.

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The second question will be; how would Framework for ownership of CMOs in retail investment would be established? This question will be answered by investigating on how the mortgage users directs on the cash flow and principal which is generated by the collateral. They would also investigate on how individual securities create returns to the investors.

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In conclusion the third question will be; How effective has United States treasury has managed to overcome the rising interest rate on CMO’s by hedging? Hedging is one the means which the United States treasury uses to overcome against rising interest rate which has adversely affected the pricing of CMO’s bonds.

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