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Please answer all 6 questions (length not restricted)

1) What is a ‘fanatic’ in hare’s understanding of moral judgements and their scope? Are fanatic’s moral?

2) What is the naturalistic fallacy? Does it show that ‘good’ is a descriptive term describing an irreducible property that thwarts naturalism?

3) Characterize the three positions: libertarianism, determinism, and compatibilism? What distinctive element does strawson bring to compatabilism? Do you find it convincing?

4) Characterize the nature of cartesian scepticism and the modern version of it that appeals to the thought experiment of a brain in a vat? Is brain in a vat scepticism convincing?

5) Expound in detail mill’s meta-inductive argument for negative liberty? Do you find it convincing?

6) What is the relation between lukes’s notion of the third dimension of power and berlin’s notion of positive liberty? Why is it particularly difficult and (even perhaps dangerous) to establish that there is a third dimension of power? can it be established that there is a third dimension of power?

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