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I need to write a 2 rebuttal essays proposals preparing to write a rebuttal essay about on of them. I already choose the two topics. the first topic is
a rebuttal about apportion. the second topic is why marijuana should be legal.

for each proposal I have to answer 8 questions in a question- answer format ” points ” and each proposal should only be one page
the questions are:

Please answer the following questions in reference to each proposed topic.
1. I will be writing a rebuttal in response to. (Summarize the main idea you are going to be arguing against but be objective and unbiased in your summary.)
2. Where does this argument come from? Where did you find it?
3. Establish the exigence (urgency) of your argument. Why does this argument need to be made?
4. Describe briefly why you believe the ideas in the argument you are rebutting are problematic.
5. What are the possible negative consequences of not addressing this issue? What might happen to the world/society if the ideas you are arguing against are allowed to continue unimpeded?
6. What evidence might help you make your argument? Where will you find this evidence?
7. How will you build ethos in the essay? How are you qualified to talk about this topic?
8. Why does this topic interest you.

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