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Reflection essay #2: Cry Baby! (FEB 19) .For your 3-4 page Reflection Essay #2:
Birds are not the only animals in which offspring have special signals that appear to communicate need to a parent.

Read the section of Chapter 9 in our text Why Do Baby Birds Beg So Loudly?, and the article called A Darwinian Look at a Wailing Baby by Carl Zimmer. Available at
For the essay, develop an evolutionary analysis of crying by human infants in which you first consider begging behavior by baby birds. Then, use each of the following statements to evaluate your hypotheses:
(1) young infants expend considerable energy when crying

(2) consumption of breast milk peaks at 3 to 4 months of age and then declines

(3) crying peaks at about 6 weeks of age and occurs progressively less often after 3 months of age, except when the child is being weaned

(4) babies who are carried everywhere and nursed on demand (as in traditional societies) cry far less than babies in Western societies

(5) the high-pitched cries of unhealthy babies are considered especially unpleasant by adult listeners

Be sure to include each of the 5 points in your discussion.

THOSE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS……………. The text ISBN# 978-0-87893-225-2 ” Animal Behavior: An Evolutionary Approach(9th ed)….. Please used this as on e of the references.

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